Abstract Fish No. 4

James Prosek
Often described as a contemporary Audubon, Prosek interprets and depicts the natural world through the lens of his personal experiences. Self-taught artist, natural historian, writer, world traveler, and adventurer, he has observed wildlife in a diverse variety of habitats, including Turkey, Micronesia, Zimbabwe, the Bahamas, the Eastern Seaboard, and the American West. His paintings, drawings, and sculptures explore the human need to classify and categorize nature as a way to understand it. Here his abstract interpretation of a fish moves beyond realistic representation to capture the essential elements of his subject.
James Prosek, *Abstract Fish No. 4*, 2016, bronze, H. 78 × W. 41 × D. 14 in.; base: H. 19 × W. 36 × D. 36 in., Gift of Waqas Wajahat and the Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving in honor of Lawrence J. Wheeler



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